Crimea is ready to promote its resort product on the world market with the participation of BSEC – Crimea’s Minister of Resorts and Tourism

Ukraine's chairmanship in the working group on tourism of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) will enable Crimea to promote more confidently its resort industry among the many countries of the world.

The AR Crimea Minister of Resorts and Tourism Mr. Alexander Liev talked about this at a meeting of the AR Crimea Council of Ministers: «We intend to actively use this to promote Crimea on the BSEC countries’ markets and implement international tourism and resort projects together with them.»

In his opinion, the formation of Crimea as a world-class resort should be implemented with the participation and support of at least 6 countries. «For this, the main Crimean tourist regions ought to be understandable and acceptable to foreign tourists», - noted the Minister.

English translation by BSN