Moldovan citizens abroad to be exempted from compulsory health insurance payment

Moldovan citizens, who are gone abroad for a longer period of time or have a residence permit in other state, would be exempted from paying the compulsory health insurance premium, only if they prove their absence from Moldova for more than 183 days.

According to the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM), the amendments the Moldovan parliament had made to the law on the size, way and deadlines for the payment of the compulsory health insurance premium on 12 April, would offer Moldovan citizens abroad the opportunity to be exempted from the health insurance premium payment. The amendments would enter into force on 1 July 2013.

According to the new provisions, citizens must submit the proof of their absence from the country to the CNAM’s territorial branches, so that the applicant could be removed from the list of health insurance premium tax payers for the respective year. The necessary documents may be submitted by their owner as well as by the owner’s legal representative in the country.

The financial value of the compulsory health insurance reaches 3318 lei in 2013.

Adapted from Moldpres