European Commission could start environmental infringement procedures against Romania

Romania risks facing infringement procedures over environmental standards due to the gas emissions from Romag Termo power plant in the country. The procedure against Romania could start on April 30, if the Romanian Authority for Nuclear Activities (RAAN) – which controls Romag Termo, does not submit to the European Commission (EC) the emission certificates for greenhouse gases (EUA) received in 2007 from the European Union (EU), according to local news organization Mediafax.

The green certificates were received by RAAN in order to be traded on the stock exchange. The profit obtained was to be used for solving the environmental issues on the Romag Termo platform in Halanga, Romania. However, according to Mediafax, the management claims that there are currently 650,000 certificatesmissing from the total of 1.8 million received initially, for which RAAN should pay penalties of EUR 100 per certificate. The missing certificates were sold in different periods and the money was used for other necessities of the plant.

«Through selling these certificates we got money to cover certain raw materials and utilities needed for the plant’s operations, to ensure employees’ salaries», – said RAAN’s general manager, Marius Preda, quoted by Mediafax. RAAN has significant debts and currently can’t afford to buy these certificates back, but the general manager is awaiting support from the Romanian Economy Ministry. However, if this target is not reached, the unit might be closed, due to the lack of money to pay the penalties. «There are chances to solve this issue in a favorable way», – said Preda.

The Authority for Nuclear Activities received from the EU one emission certificate for each tonne of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by Romag Termo.

Adapted from Romania-Insider