Romanian company again wins prize at the Geneva Salon for Inventions

Romanian company MB Telecom has again won the grand prize at the Geneva Salon of Inventions. The company’s Roboscan 2M Aeria won the prize. It is a device that allows airplane wings to be scanned quickly and safely for contraband.

Mircea Tudor, president of MB Telecom, told local news agency HotNews that the team behind Roboscan 2M Aeria spent four years working on the project. The second grand prize is reportedly a first in the history of the Geneva Salon.

MB Telecom previously produced a similar device, the Roboscan 1M, which was designed to scan trucks and which also won the Geneva Salon Grand Prize in 2009.

Roboscan 2M Aeria was developed by MB Telecom in partnership with the East European Research Centre Integrated Application (CEEC). The team that worked on the device included 20 specialists in nuclear physics, industrial electronics, software, automation, hydraulic, mechanical structures, automotive technology, data transmission and processing.

The Roboscan 2M Aeria will be marketed to customs, militaries, airports and airlines. The military application Roboscan Aeria scanner can rapidly diagnose problems with aircraft guns, in order to quickly determine whether they can fly safely or require urgent intervention.

Adapted from Romania-Insider