AEI majority considering the formation of new Ministry - of European integration

The Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration may well be divided into two separate ministries – of foreign affairs and of European integration, Parliament Speaker and Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu stated to the press in parliament on April 12.    

As Lupu put it, «This idea proceeds organically from a postulate that at the present stage of development, everything what relates to European integration pertains by 80% to home policy, not foreign one».   

«That’s precisely why we have stood up with this idea. It was discussed in the course of 7 rounds of negotiations held last month between the representatives of the Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party and Liberal Party», said Marian Lupu.  

The Parliament Speaker assessed positively «the diplomatic part of the Euro-integration process», but remarked that there is still much room for improving the work aimed at «coordination of internal policies, ensuring of inter-sector coordination in what concerns the integration process».    

«European integration is not only a process of diplomatic negotiations. This is also a process of introduction of European standards into all spheres, introduction of new norms and mechanisms. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has a team of good diplomats, but it has no specialists with deep knowledge of agriculture, industry, energy, education, social sphere. Meanwhile, the Euro-integration process presupposes reforms and changes exactly in these directions», explained Marian Lupu.  

Adapted from Infotag


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