Moldovan Government underaking measures against stream rise

The Moldovan Government will undertake measures in connection with the forecast stream surface elevation on the Prut and Dniester rivers, as per an instruction on the matter signed by acting Prime Minister Vlad Filat, Chairman of the Commission for Emergencies.   

The acting premier demanded that the heads of the central and local administration bodies take the needed steps to ensure the proper functioning of the needed services and subordinated institutions, in particular, the emergency services, in order to avoid any possible floods. Moldovan Minister of the Interior, jointly with the relevant bodies of the local public governance will organize the activities of the Civil Protection Service and Emergencies, so as it promptly react, if needed.

This past weekend, meteorologists prolonged the yellow code because of the floods danger in Briceni raion. At the same time, the yellow code was also announced in southern raions.

The increase of water levels in Moldovan rivers will last till April 15. On some segments of the Dniester River, the stream surface elevation may cause partial flooding of the farmlands in Stefan Voda raion.   

The Moldovan Civil Protection and Emergency Service has announced about the opening of the three supervising posts on the Dniester and Prut Rivers. Employees of this service will monitor the increase in the water levels during the next days. According to the specialists, at present, there are no reasons for concern.   

Adapted from Infotag