Romanian state pays EUR 8.4 mln tranche for Microsoft software licenses

The Romanian state recently paid UniCredit Tiriac Bank some EUR 8.4 million to use 175,000 Microsoft software licenses. The deal is based on UniCredit Tiriac Bank concession contract with Swiss D-Con.Net AG, according to Mediafax.

This is not the first payment under this contract, the state paid some RON 104 million – or some EUR 23 million in 2012.

Based on a contract from 2009, Romania’s Communication Ministry agreed to pay some EUR 90 million to use 163,000 Microsoft software licenses in 30 public institutions, including several ministries. The association of companies D-Con.Net AG, D-Con.Net GmbH, Comsoft Direct AG, Bechtle Holding Schweiz AG, Dim Soft SRL and Microsoft România won the tender, being the only group to take part in the public bid. Later on, the association sold the contract to UniCredit Tiriac Bank. The software licenses were valid until the end of 2012, and to extend their validity until 2015, Romania signed a contract for an extra EUR 33 million.

Moreover, based on a contract from 2011, the Communications Ministry also pledged to pay some EUR 13.9 million for 186,000 Microsoft licenses for use by the Education Ministry, out of which around half was already paid, and the rest should be paid in 2013.

Adapted from Romania-Insider