All pensions in Moldova to be indexed 6.75% - bill

Starting from April 1, all pensions in Moldova will be indexed by 6.75%, as per amendments to the national legislation unanimously approved in two readings by the Moldovan Parliament on March 28.  

The Head of the standing Parliamentary Committee for Social Protection, Health and Family, Vladimir Hotineanu said that the «indexation level was established with regard to the inflation level of 4.6% and the increase in the average pay size in 2012 (by 8.9%).»     

At the same time, if after indexation the pensions of those who mitigated the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, of military personnel and of employees of the Ministry of the Interior do not exceed 1,300 lei, the sums will be increased by 8.25% and 10.4%, respectively.     

The other retirees that have pensions lower than 1,300 lei, will receive monthly increments ranging between 50 and 90 lei.    

According to Vladimir Hotineanu, the percentage of such retirees in Moldova stands at 87.6%. The authorities will earmark by 450 million lei more than initially planned on indexation of pensions and monetary increments. In 2013, over 8 billion lei will be spent on the payment of pensions to Moldovan retirees.   

The State Social Insurance Budget for 2013 was envisaging a 8.05% increase in pensions. It has been estimated that in 2013, over 487 thousand Moldovans will receive age pensions and over 135.1 thousand – invalidity pensions.  

Adapted from Infotag


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