EU to help Moldovan emigrants find jobs home

Moldovan citizens working abroad are now encouraged to find a job in their own country. In this respect, the EU has financed the implementation of several projects during the last few years, in order to reduce negative consequences migration might have on Moldova. Experts analysed the effects of these projects during the Press Club meeting of the EU delegation to Moldova.

EU-funded migration projects are meant to bring benefits both for Moldovan citizens working abroad as well as for their families in Moldova. The «Supporting the implementation of the migration and development component of the EU-Moldova Mobility Partnership» programme is one of the projects. The project amounts to almost two million euros and will end in July 2013.

The head of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Antonio Polosa, said during the press club meeting that several actions had been already implemented during the project. According to him, 40 young people, who graduated abroad universities, had been employed, enterpreneurs received grants to launch their own businesses, trainings had been carried out, whereas Moldovan citizens, who returned home, benefited from consultancy services and assistance. Polosa said the project would be implemented in the breakaway Transnistrian region in 2014.

Moldovan emigrants’ families and children, who were left in Moldova, are also the beneficiaries of another EU-funded project, which financial value reaches two million dollars as well. Besides lowering the migration's negative influence on this category of citizens, the project is also meant to consolidate the Moldovan authorities’ abilities to keep in touch with the Moldovan emigrants.

The EU implemented another project in mid 2012, meant to promote the Moldovan-EU legal mobility. Due to this project, Moldovan citizens were offered the possibility to learn legal ways to work in the EU as well as find opportunities to get employed or start a business when returning to Moldova.

The EU would launch another migration project in the near future, in order to improve Moldova’s development.

Adapted from Moldpres