Hurricane in Adjara causes $1.2 million damage

The damage from the hurricane in Adjara amounts to about 2 million laris ($1.2 million), Georgian television reported on March 25.

On behalf of the Prime Minister of Georgia an emergency headquarters has now been established in the autonomous republic, headed by the Chairman of the government of Adjara, Archil Habadze, and comprising members of the cabinet of the Government of Adjara, Batumi council chairman Irakli
Chavleishvili and head of the Interior Ministry in Adjara Valerian Telia.

Strong winds hit Georgia on March 24, causing considerable damage to regions.

Power lines were damaged by the wind, causing around 50 thousand households to be without power throughout Georgia. In the Adjaran resort of Kobuleti the storm tore roofs from 47 buildings, 93 houses in the area Khelvachauri were damaged, nine of which were left without roofs.

Adapted from Vestnik Kavkaza