Romania, Ukraine, and Moldova signed the statement on the Danube delta

The Joint Statement named “Adaptation of Danube delta to climate changes” was signed on March 19 in Izmail.

The list of guests at the meeting of Ukrainian, Romanian, and Moldovan delegations, arranged by the Danube-Carpathian program in partnership with NGO Regional Research Center” (Ukraine) and the Danube biosphere reserve (Ukraine), has included representatives of the World Wide Fund for Nature, representative of the Moldovan Ministry of Environment, managers of the Danube biosphere reserve (Ukraine) and “Danube Delta” biosphere reserve (Romania), managers of regional departments of water and forest resources, and NGO directors.

The Statement is based on the results of the assessment on the Danube delta vulnerability, carried out in the framework of the three-year project “Adaptation of Danube delta to climate changes by means of integrated management of water and forest resources”, funded by the European Commission.

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