All Ukrainian drivers are now obliged to pass a medical examination

On March 12 the joint resolution of the Ukrainian Ministries of Internal Affairs and Health, dated 31.01.2013, became effective, approving the “Provisions on medical examination of applicants for a driver’s license and drivers of transport vehicles”.

The document provides for 4 types of examination:

– Preliminary (for applicants for a driver’s license);

– Periodical (for all drivers);

– Monthly (for professional drivers before and after their hauls); and

– Extraordinary (for professional drivers subject to any information on aggravation of their health).

Drivers must pass a medical examination:

– at the age under 55 – once every 10 years;

– 56 to 75 years – once every 3 years; and

– 76 years and senior – every year.

The annual medical examination is also provided for persons, driving vehicles for passengers and cargoes.

Adapted from: Центр журналистских расследований

English translation by BSNews