Crimean exports grew by one third in the last year

In 2012 exports of goods from the Crimea grew by 31.5% up to 888.8 million dollars, while imports went down by 2.1% up to 1.435 billion dollars, KIA reports.

The Crimea maintains external economic relations with 129 countries of the world. The CIS countries ensure 40.8% of exports and 10.4% of imports, while the EU countries –18.9% и 11.3%, respectively.

The list of major purchasers of the Crimean products includes Russia (29.5%), Liberia, Belarus, the USA, Germany, Turkey, and Norway. Exports commodity composition is based on tanning extracts, vessels, inorganic chemistry products, ores, slag and ashes, boilers, machinery, and grain cultures.

Goods are mostly imported from Singapore (53.9%), China, Russia, Turkey, Germany, and Kazakhstan. The list of major imported products includes vessels, electric and mechanical machinery, boilers, salt, sulfur, soil, and stones. The list of the imported goods has been supplemented by flying vehicles.

English translation by BSN