Moldovan government launches E-CNAM and E-CNAS electronic services

The Moldovan Government launched on February 18 electronic services of the National Health Insurance Company, (CNAM) and of the National Office of Social Insurance (CNAS), which will be available on the single internet portal, with the help of the information system

Thus, due to these services, economic agents will have the possibility to submit their reports to the CNAM and CNAS, using the data cryptographic protection facilities and the digital signature. The right to provide such services was assigned to the Center for Special Communications and to the Orange and Moldcell mobile operators.     

The services e-CNAM and e-CNAS are part of the Data Reporting Platform, registered in the system M-Cloud.  

The e-CNAM represents a modern data exchange facility. The manual and paper work will be replaced by an automatic form of receiving and processing reports. This system will make it possible to enhance the quality of services provided by the National Health Insurance Company. Thus, economic agents who have internet access will have the opportunity to present reports, on a round-the-clock basis.  

Due to the e-CNAS system, employers will have the right to issue to their employees electronic statements Rev5.  

Prime Minister Vlad Filat said at the official ceremony of launching these services that «computers do not take bribes. Thus, the new electronic services will help combating corruption.»    

According to the CNAS Chairperson, Maria Borta, «over 3,000 thousand economic agents have already presented their reports in electronic form.»   

CNAM Director, Mircea Buga said that the electronic services bring about significant advantages to the companies. Among them, he named the money savings and the facilitation of process of submitting applications.

Adapted from Infotag