Petrol prices in Romania medium to low for Europe, but pain at the pump rating is high

Romania is mid-table in a new chart of petrol prices around the world. News service Bloomberg ranks Romania 33 out of 60 countries for petrol prices, but the country’s «pain at the pump» rating is much higher, in eighth position.

Petrol prices are USD 6.70 per gallon (some EUR 1.32 per liter) in Romania, according to Bloomberg, but although this figure is below many European countries, the pain at the pump ranking is much higher due to the lower average salaries. A gallon of petrol (a little over 3.7 liters ) costs about 30 percent of an average daily wage in Romania.

Up at the top of table with the highest prices were Turkey, Norway and The Netherlands, with petrol costing more than USD 9 per gallon (some EUR 1.80 a liter). The oil producing Middle Eastern states had some of the lowest petrol prices, with price per gallon in Kuwait USD 0.81 and even lower in Saudi Arabia – USD 0.45 a gallon. But by far the cheapest place to fill up the tank is still Venezuela, where the price per gallon is just USD 0.06, or one euro cent a liter.

Adapted from Romania-insider