Kuban Environmental Protection Ministry disagrees with the Novorossiysk pollution data

The Deputy Head of the Kuban Natural Resources Ministry Nicolay Zakharchyuk has called the data on the Novorossiysk pollution a «mistake», Live Kuban informs.

«Such mistake might have occurred in the process of either calculations, or the report preparation. At present we hold up an internal investigation, and I strongly believe this information will be open for the public. We have sent a written message to the Russian meteorology center with a request to check these data and to clarify the situation», – Nicolay Zakharchyuk has stated.

According to him, the region does have certain ecological problems. Among the principal ones there are pollution of rivers, storages of weed and pest-killer chemicals, and illegal junkyards.

This year the budget will allocate 260 million rubles for resolution of environmental issues. In the previous years the budgets for these purposes did not exceed 60 million rubles.

English translation by BSN