Novorossiysk leads rating of environmentally adverse Russian cities

Novorossiysk has been named No.1 in a rating of environmentally adverse cities of Russia: its comprehensive air pollution index is 36, while the normal rate is 5 - 6.

Report on the state of the environment and its protection in 2011 was published on February 4 at official website of Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources.
Stavropol holds 59th position with 9.4 points, Rostov-on-Don is 71st with 8.5, Krasnodar – 77th with 8.0.
According to the results of surveys conducted in 252 Russian cities, 55.1 mln people (53% of Russia’s total urban population) dwell in cities and towns with high and very high levels of air pollution.
In 2011, total emissions of pollutants into the air amounted to 32.6 mln tonnes, including 19.2 mln tonnes from stationary sources and 13.4 mln from mobile ones. Moscow has become the leader on this indicator - 913.6 ths tonnes.

English Translation by BSN

Adapted from:Zhivaya Kuban'