Crimean railroad infrastructure gets prepared for high-speed train operation

Pridneprovsk Railway has started the preparation of the railroad infrastructure for introduction of high-speed passenger operations in the Crimean direction, KIA reports.

By the end of May it intends to upgrade 36.3 km of the track and to carry out capital repairs at certain segments of the track. The plans include the renewal of equipment and capital repairs of a number of platforms, buildings, and structures. It has also scheduled the revision of the contact system, replacement and installation of pylons at certain segments of the track, and upgrade of the automatic block system lines and lighting. To receive high-speed trains, the agency will renovate and equip 12 passenger platforms and 18 buildings.

The total value of works in the direction of Dnipropetrovsk – Simferopol is approximately 230.6 million UAH.

In 2013 Pridneprovsk Railway plans to set up the operation of «Intercity» class high-speed trains (Skoda) in the direction of Dnipropetrovsk – Simferopol, Donetsk – Simferopol, and Kharkiv – Simferopol.

English translation by BSN