Moldova going to join Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership

The Republic of Moldova is projecting to accede to the Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P), it was said in the meeting, which the Moldovan Deputy Premier, Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar held with the representatives the Moldovan Agency and Fund for Energy Efficiency, of the EBRD and the Swedish Embassy to Moldova.     

The Ministry of Economy reported that the E5P representatives expressed a wish to broaden the spectrum of financing for Moldova by means of grants and credits for projects in the fields of energy efficiency and environment protection.  

«The project financing by that fund will be about 100 million euros, of which 20 million euros will be furnished as grants. Moldova’s accession to E5P should promote project implementation in such spheres as improvement of centralized-heating and water-supply systems, street lighting, energy efficiency of public buildings and public transport, waste management and re-cycling. Such projects will be carried out by the Moldovan Fund for Energy Efficiency», said the Ministry of Economy.      

During the meeting, Valeriu Lazar underscored the advantages of Moldova's joining the E5P, among which is primarily the realization of projects targeted at raising energy efficiency and environment protection.       

He stressed, «We have advanced in creating a legal frame and in setting up profiled agencies in the energy efficiency field, but all the same we need to move on», said the Deputy Prime Minister.    

The parties agreed to set up a working group that will prepare a road map for the country’s accession to E5P and will determine projects for financing.   

Adapted from Infotag