Moldovan customs service presents 50 leading importers and exporters of 2012

The Moldovan Customs Service has presented a list of 50 to importers and exporters of Moldova in 2012.  

Thus, among the ten leading exporters are the companies:  Draexmaier Automotive, Vamcomlex, Politrans-broker, Trans oil, Floarea Soarelui, Lear corporation, Doldan grup, Transimex, Trans oil refinery and Metalferos. As many as 8 out of these companies held leading positions in 2011, too. The enterprises Air Moldova and Iugintertrans, which held the 7th and 10th positions, respectively, in 2011, were not included in this top in 2012.    

Among the leading importers to Moldova are the companies: Moldovagaz, Lukoil-Moldova, Petrom-Moldova, Draexmaier Automotive, Tirex-Petrol, Politrans-broker, Trans oil, Bemol retail, Vamcomlex, Energocom.  The companies Dita Estfarm and Acvili-Grup, which held the 9th and 10th positions, respectively in 2011, dropped out of the top.  

Yet, economic and trade experts asked by Infotag to comment on the matter, believe that the above-mentioned list of companies cannot be regarded as an objective rating of importers and exporters.

«Among the leading importing and exporting companies are economic agents that are providing intermediary and broking services. There are also companies that are dealing with boxing activities, enterprises working on the basis of give-and-take raw materials, firms dealing with re-export activities, which account for 30% of the overall exports’ quota,» said specialists.

Adapted from Infotag