Foreign Ministry refutes existence of Bulgarian report blaming Hezbollah for Burgas blast

Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Vessela Cherneva categorically refutes information circulated by some Israeli media that Bulgaria has presented a report on the suicide attack against Israeli nationals at Burgas Airport in July last year, in which the terrorist act is blamed on Hezbollah.

Cherneva disproves the fact that a report on the course of investigation has been issued. She further specified that the visit of Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov to Israel has taken place in the context of the anniversary of the rescuing of the ban Jews from Nazi concentration camps during World War 2. On the other hand, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ilana Stein said for the BNR that she cannot confirm nor deny that Minister Mladenov has presented in Israel a report on the Burgas attack, nor is she entitled to comment the content of the visit. It could be said, however, that the visit was very successful and Israel is highly satisfied with the cooperation it has with Bulgaria’s government. The Israeli side realizes that the Bulgarian people and the government put a lot of efforts in this investigation, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson pointed out.

Adapted from BNR