Prices for health resort hotels vouchers in Krasnodar Krai have grown by 8-10%

Prices for sanatorium (health resort hotels) vouchers in Krasnodar Krai haven’t changed much. Prices for 2013 have grown by 8-10% in line with inflation,Sochi-24 informs.

This was announced on January 14 by the Russian Union of Travel Industry Vice-President Mr. Yuri Barzykin, while summing up the results of the XIX tourist exhibition «Resorts and Tourism - 2013».

In 2012 the average increase in the number of tourists in domestic tourism market in Russia comprised 10.8%, the growth of foreign-bound tourism amounted to about 15%.

According to the Russian Union of Travel Industry data, 37% of Russians prefer beach tourism, 20% like cultural and educational tours, 9-10% travel for business purposes.

English translation by BSN