Burgas seaport’s new passenger terminal will be able to welcome tourists on a high level

After the opening of a new passenger terminal in Burgas seaport, tourists of the higher category will be coming - Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov has predicted.

According to Burgas repoter, people from the city administration have guaranteed, they will arrange the infrastructure in time: the streets, water supply, as well as approaches to the place where cruise ships will moor.

The Mayor has said that he ordered the rapid preparation of all required documents. Dimitar Nikolov defines the new terminal as a big challenge to local authorities and businesses, because when solvent tourists arrive, exciting attractions and sights should be ready for them, so that the guests would want to visit them again.

The city authorities have expressed hope that the opening of Burgas port will increase interest to the city and will provide opportunities for tourism growth.

In summer 2012, statistics noted a 22% increase in the number of tourists coming to Burgas.

English translation by BSN