Moldova's snow-fighting fleet coping with heavy snowfall

The road traffic on all the Moldovan motorways is unfolding normally, in spite of the heavy snowfall that started on December 12 morning in the country, said Dmitry Capatina, the head of the Operative Department of the State Road Administration service.

In his words, as many as 184 units of snow-handling equipment and over 300 people are involved in the removal of snow.

According to the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure, special brigades are keeping a 24-hour watch over the national motorways, especially over the customs points and the roads leading to education institutions.

So far, no emergency situations have been recorded in the country.

The head of the Balti municipal services, Veaceslav Zincovschi said that the snow-clearing works in the city are carried out uninterruptedly and that no incidents have been recorded on December 12 morning.

The Chisinau City Hall announced that the snowfall has not affected the road traffic in the capital.

Snow handling works in the capital started at 3am and are further conducted. As many as 23 Exdrupo emergency vehicles have been put on the job. The Chisinau City Hall asks drivers to be very carefully.

According to the State Hydro-Meteorological Service, heavy snowfalls will be recorded in Moldova in the next three days. Moldovan weather forecasters issued a «yellow code» of danger and announced that air temperatures of minus 20 degrees will be registered in the country starting from December 13.

Adapted from Infotag