Georgia will not accept an invitation to join the CIS

Georgia «will not accept the invitation to join the CIS.» This is reported by Georgian media quoted the country's foreign minister Maya Panjikidze.

She noted that «Georgia has already chosen its foreign policy - it is the course for integration into Euro-Atlantic structures and do not accept an invitation to join the CIS.» According Panjikidze, «Georgia will not give up the integration into NATO and the EU, the rate remains unchanged.»

Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic Kutelia told reporters that «the place of Georgia not in the CIS, but in the Euro-Atlantic structures.»

On the eve the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said in Minsk, Belarus, as the Presidency of the 2013 CIS invites Georgia to the Commonwealth. «We are waiting for you in the CIS, - he turned to Georgia. - I will ask you to come back in the CIS, you have nothing to lose, and Russia will be only «for ».

Adapted from UNN