Moldovan-Indian business forum took place in Chisinau

Over 30 Moldovan entrepreneurs and 18 Indian businessmen operating in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors met at a business forum in Chisinau on December 6. The meeting was organised by the Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in cooperation with the Indian Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL) in order to intensify the bilateral cooperation in these sectors.

The deputy head of the CCI, Vladimir Didilica said at the beginning of the forum that «Moldova is rather willing to cooperate with India in the pharmaceutical sector. Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers have been operating on the Moldovan market for a long time already, offering a wide range of brands with a positive reputation. The development of the pharmaceutical industry is a priority for Moldova's development strategy just like protecting citizens against low quality pharmaceutical products,» Didilica said.

Attending the event was also the second secretary of the Indian Embassy to Romania, accredited to Moldova as well, Shri V. Venkataraman. He said the Indian pharmaceutical industry has a rapid development and India is interested in developing the bilateral cooperation with Moldova.

The director of the Medicines Agency, Alexandru Coman said Moldova imports both finished products and raw materials from India. A number of 54 Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers are registered on the Moldovan market. They make 12 per cent of the total import of pharmaceutical products to Moldova.

The executive director of PHARMEXCIL, Raghuveer Kini made a presentation of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. «The leading partners in the export of Indian pharmaceutical products are the USA, Russia, the EU and Japan, which have also the toughest regulations in this sector. Indian products make almost 70 per cent of the pharmaceutical market from the USA and the EU. No wonder India is called "The World Pharmacy",» Kini said.

The Moldovan CCI and the PHARMEXCIL Council organised a similar forum in 2010, after several Moldovan and Indian companies set up business ties and are cooperating until now.

Adapted from Moldpres