Cricova decreases production of sparkling wines

09:37 07.12.2012

The Cricova winery will produce in 2012 about 5 million bottles of sparking wines, which is 100 thousand bottles less than in 2011.

According to the head of the marketing department, Sorin Maslo, the decrease in the volume of output was caused by the poorer grape harvest, because of the 2012 summer drought.

In his words, about 3 million bottled sparkling wines are to be sold on the internal market. Their price will range from 30 to 250 lei.

«We will also export them in many countries, in particular to Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan,» said the specialist, noting that the sparkling wines are less popular among consumers from the EU states. He noted that the Europeans prefer classic Moldovan wines.

Adapted from Infotag