Information technologies for Sochi

The State Duma adopted the bill on simplification of processing documents for entering Russia for people who participate in organization and holding the Olympic Games. Employees of marketing partners and official broadcasting companies (about 15 thousand people) will arrive to Russia due to multi working visas with a possibility of their prolongation.

The accreditation of the mass media for the Olympic Games in Sochi began in October. 2800 journalists will have an ability to be accredited – just like in the Olympics in Turin in 2006 and in Vancouver in 2010. Now Rostelekom is building telecommunication infrastructure. It appeared in Sochi journalists will have free Wi-Fi in all sporting facilities of the Games, media-centers and media-hotels for the first time in history.

Simultaneously the Krasnodar Territory began to implement the alarming systems for emergency situations, automatic systems in agriculture, and universal residential cards. Viktor Serebryakov, director of the department of complex projects of LANIT, says: “We started working with Krasnodar Territory in 2009. The first project was the creation of a regional portal of public services. After the appearance of the portal, Krasnodar Territory has greatly risen in the rankings of e-government, e-regions. Now we are going directly to the provision of services electronically, inter-agency cooperation.”

LaNIT’s sub-company INSYSTEMS is responsible for construction of engineering infrastructure. According to Evgeni Virtser, the CEO of INSISTEMS, “the preparation for the Olympics became, of course, very serious, I would say, an explosive catalyst of the increase in our systems by construction and engineering, and we realized that, of course, we cannot implement these projects from Moscow, as we have done before. We need a permanent presence on the ground. We are working at three sites - two in Sochi and one Krasnodar. In Sochi, the two objects are Olympic ones. We will begin to construct one more object in Sochi in January, that is, collectively we will have in Sochi in January 120,000 square meters and full low-voltage systems, security, information systems, power supply. The construction of another two sites in Sochi, in addition to these, is about to be arranged, as well as another two objects in Krasnodar. In the current situation the volume of business in our field in the region is rapidly increasing. The competence of our colleagues from "LANIT - South" allows all of these projects to be implemented and gain more revenue, and, in principle, we have plans to go beyond Krasnodar Territory and to ensure that our colleagues are fully responsible for the entire Southern Federal District - Rostov, Astrakhan, etc.”