Romanian Merry Cemetery acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the world

The Merry Cemetery, located in the Romanian village of Săpânţa, Maramureş County, is among top ten most beautiful places in the world to find the eternal peace.

The ranking has been made by the French «L`Express» on the threshold of Halloween not only for the European countries but also for the US and Australia.

The Romanian cemetery is famous for its colorful tombstones with original naïve art paintings, having poetic texts describing, in an original and poetic manner, the persons that are buried there.

Currently the cemetery is an open air museum, attracting huge numbers of tourists. The unusual feature of this Merry Cemetery is that it diverges from the prevalent belief that views death as something indelibly solemn, but considers it as a transition to a better world.

English translation by BSN
Adapted from 
Romania today  


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