Hundreds of archeological items found in Anenii Noi raion

Hundreds of archaeological items were found in the neighborhood of Gura Bicului village of Anenii Noi raion, by specialists of the National Agency for Archaeology.

Director of the National Agency for Archaeology, Vlad Vornic said that being located at the crossroads of several civilizations, the micro-zone where the Bic River joins the Dniester River is very reach in archaeological vestiges that date back from the ancient times.

«Unfortunately, over the past 10-15 years, this micro-zone, just as the entire territory of the country, has become victims of hill-diggers who have cutting-edge metals detectors. After two inspections carried out by specialists in the Gura Bicului village, it has been established that a string of important archaeological documents had been destroyed by treasure seekers, who want to grow rich overnight. The precious burial mound, called Valul lui Traian, was partially destroyed by treasure seekers who dug a huge whole in the middle in order to steal archaeological items from the tomb,» he said.

«Another grim picture is the huge mansion of Iankovsky family, which was built in late nineteenth century. This architectural complex was included in the register of national monuments and is protected by the state. Yet, the very building, as well as the adjacent areas are in a deplorable condition,» said Vornic.

He also said that another proof of the fact that the archeological monuments in this area are being destroyed is the high number of ancient and middle-age items (coins, jewelries, clothing and ammunitions) found on the territory of Gura Bicului river.

He said that unfortunately, these items are preserved in the local museums in inappropriate conditions. The objects were confiscated by the specialists of the agency and are to be submitted to the National Museum of Archaeology.

Adapted from Infotag


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