A number of cities in judetul Tulcea will be included to the UNESCO list

The cities of Halmyris, Murighiol, Aegyssus, Noviodunum, Isaccea, and Tulcea will be included to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with other cities, located in the Lower Danube.

The Danube Limes Brand project is a part of the Danube strategy, has the top priority, and is financed at the expense of the South-Eastern Europe transnational cooperation, with some co-financing from the EU. It is coordinated by Vienna University (Austria), partnering with representatives of Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia.

This project is focused on the expansion of the Roman Empire borders, included to the list of the World Heritage Sites, with new sites in the Lower Danube countries.

English translation by BSN
Adapted from
Obiectiv de Tulcea