Owners of foreign cars to pay road tax in Moldova starting 1 November

Owners of foreign cars will be obliged to pay a road tax starting with 1 November.

Therefore owners of foreign cars will pay two euros for a seven-day vignette; four euros for a 15-day vignette; seven euros for a 30-day vignette; 15 euros for a 90-day vignette and 25 euros for a 180-day vignette.

According to Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta, the vignette is available at all customs posts and offices, both in the country and at its boarder. The minister said the vignette will also be paid by owners of vehicles with Transnistrian number plates, without a residence visa in the region.

The law provides for fines amounting from 2000 to 6000 lei (from 125 to 375 euros) for citizens not paying the road tax.

Also from today drivers are obliged to travel with lights on during the day.

Adapted from Moldpres


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