Russia will evacuate military machinery from Transnistria

Russia will evacuate from the Transnistrian region 8 military helicopters, a certain number of grenade launchers and ammunition for them, as well as some small arms, belonging to Russian peacemakers and the task force of Russian troops, temporarily located at the territory of Moldova.

This information has been announced at the press conference by Yevgeniy Karpov, Moldova Reintegration Vice-Prime Minister, noting that the process of removal of these military stores will be commenced on October 23, 2012.

According to him, Russian representatives have addressed the Moldovan authorities to obtain a permit to remove the military machinery and property, using the Tiraspol military airdrome, the landing strip of which had been earlier repaired and modernized.

Yevgeniy Karpov has clarified that, as noted by Russian representatives, the matter is about the removal of 8 helicopters, which has been from 1992 a part of the Russian peacemaking forces at the Dniester; however, the machinery have been virtually out of operation from 1998, and for technical reasons it cannot be used and is not required anymore.

Russian experts plan to dismantle helicopters on site to transport them by aircrafts.

The grenade launchers, ammunition for them, and some small arms will be removed from the Moldovan territory, since they have been earlier brought in by the Russians without any consent of the official Chișinău.

According to the current agreements, no peacemaking contingent has the right to get any armament registered unilaterally without prior agreements.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Interlic