Leopard population to be recruited at the Northern Caucasus

The population of Persian leopards, also known as Caucasian leopards, will be reconstituted in 10-15 years at the Northern Caucasus.

This information has been announced in Sochi by Sergey Donskoy, Russian Federation Natural Resources and Environment Minister. Using «re-introduction» (reconstitution of the population, which has completely disappeared at some territories), a group of 50-70 leopards will be generated at the Northern Caucasus. This process will require 10to 15 years.

A pair of Persian leopards was delivered on October 21 from the Lisbon zoo to Sochi. They were settled at the open-air cage of the Sochi National Park, already having 4 predators from Turkmenistan and Iran. According to the plans, the predators will have the first descendants for the northern leopard population nucleus.

English Translation by BSN
Adapted from YUGA.ru


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