Oldest museum in Romania, Brukenthal, transfers its paintings in 3D

The first museum in Romania, which transfers its paintings in 3D images, is also the oldest museum in the country, the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu (272 km north-west of Bucharest) where the exhibition called «Brukenthal 3D Expo» was opened, announced curator Alexandru Sonoc, specialist restorer of this museum.

The exhibition contains 24 famous works, some unique in Europe, including two Romanian paintings, one signed by Corneliu Baba, the other by Elena Popea, Alexandru Sonoc added.

He explained that, since the beginning of the year, specialists in art, but also in the graphics from Brukenthal National Museum worked to transfer almost one hundred paintings into three-dimensional images, but only a quarter managed to feature interesting details, which can now be observed with the aid of 3D glasses.

Adapted from Agerpres


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