Representatives of Edinaya Rossiya and communists only were elected to the Krasnodar Krai Legislative Assembly

October 14 was the elections day for Krasnodar Krai deputies to the Kuban Legislative Assembly of the fifth convocation. Sixteen political parties presented their candidates.

By 7:30 pm (half an hour before the closure of polling stations) 39.78% of people gave their votes at the polling stations.

As for 8:00 am of the next day (October 15), 93.09% of protocols of the divisional election committee have been already processed. «45.71% of voters from the total amount of people, included into the lists of electors, have taken part in the voting process to elect deputies of the regional Legislative Assembly of the fifth convocation», – Krasnodar Krai Election Committee press service has announced.

The majority of votes was given to Edinaya Rossiya (69.73%), Russian Federation Communist Party was second (8.89 %). All other parties did not succeed in passing the 7-percent barrier and were not elected to the Kuban Parliament. 

English translation BSN
Adapted from Yuga