Half of Moldovan state enterprise worked in the red in 1H2012

As many as 112 Moldovan state enterprises worked in the red in the 1H2012.

According to the Ministry of Finance, among them are leading economic agents, such as the National Railroad Company of Moldova, which recorded losses of 111.4 million lei, Air Moldova – which incurred losses of 81.7 million lei, Chisinau International Airport with losses of 53 million lei, Registrul [the state register] – which incurred losses of 24.3 million lei and Servicii Transport Auto [auto transport services] with losses of 17.9 million lei.

At the same time, as many as 274 state enterprises recorded increasing production output indexes. Thus, in early June, their overall sale turnover stood at 2.712 billion lei, which is 80.2 million lei more than against the equivalent period of the year before.

As many as 71 enterprises have recorded lower sale turnover [by 156.3 million lei] against the equivalent period of the year before. The great majority of them operate in the farm sector (13 companies), as many as 10 companies – in the industrial and energy fields and 10 companies in the culture field.

As for the joint-stock companies with state capital, 35 enterprises out of 72 have ended the 1H2012 with financial losses. Among the companies which recorded the most significant losses are Cricova winery – 50 million lei, Franzeluta bakery – 14.8 million lei, CET1 [heat and power station] – 7.2 million lei, Raut – 6.9 million lei, industrial park Tracom – 4.8 million lei, CET Nord – 4.4 million lei, Aroma wine & brandy factory – 4.2 million lei and Floare Carpet – 2.8 million lei.

Other joint stock companies recorded decreasing sale turnovers, for instance Tutun-CTC tobacco factory. The company’s trade turnover decreased 65 million lei.

As of June 30, 2012, as many as 274 companies with an authorized share capital of 6.201 billion lei and 161 joint stock companies with an overall nominal capital of 5.849 billion lei, of which the state share makes – 3.745 billion lei, were recorded in the Property Registry of Moldova.

Adapted from Infotag


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