Accidents at sea and river transport in Ukraine decreased by 48%

The maritime transport of the Odessa region in general are ready for the upcoming autumn and winter. UNN reported in the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Discussed the results of the check at the enlarged meeting of the Commission held in the port of Odessa October 10, 2012 under the chairmanship of Vice-President Nicholas Sevirin. To participate in the meeting were invited heads of relevant departments of the Odessa Regional State Administration and the Odessa City Council, EMERCOM in the Odessa region, Western VMSU base, and management of all enterprises with audited.

Summing up the compliance and enforcement of the safety of navigation in the enterprises marine economic sector of the country in January-September 2012, Nicholas Sevirin emphasized the fact that the division of supervisory and management functions in the tangible positive results in the first year of the organization (established by Decree President of Ukraine № 370 of 06.04.2011, the).

In support of this thesis, he cited statistics of accidents in the area, which in January-September this year compared to the same period in 2011 decreased by 48% (40 cases vs. 76).

Inspectorate also done a lot of work to bring the legal framework of public bodies for control over security in maritime transport in line with the current - continued on Nicholas Sevirin. - Over the past year and a half our experts prepared and implemented about 50 laws, changes in more than 10 resolutions and orders of the government.

Turning directly to the main issue of the agenda, the Vice-Chairman Ukr marine inspection noted that, since 2012, the Prerequisite companies and organizations for the autumn-winter period were complex. Checked not only marine component (vessel fleet, marinas, approach channels, navigational aids, etc.)., But the whole coastal infrastructure, the availability of emergency supplies of fuel and other materials ready units to act in emergency situations as a result of deteriorating weather conditions or natural causes.

To be sure, in practice in capacity units to deal with UA, check the wire complex exercises, which are processed probable accident scenarios based on past experience. Thus, «the final chord of» current audit readiness port of Odessa region for the coming winter was a large-scale study in the service of the fleet of the Odessa port, held on October 9.

Check readiness of enterprises for the autumn-winter period will run until the end of November. Winter this year for the enterprises of maritime transport should not come suddenly, - concluded his speech Sevirin Nicholas. - We'll be ready for the cold. I believe that the coming winter will hold no accidents and good economic performance.

Adapted from UNN