In Anapa stele «City of Military Glory» will be built on the Turkish fortress moat

Turkish fortress moat has been found in Anapa on a site of future location of the «City of Military Glory» stele.

The fortress stood here more than 150 years ago.

«The object is quite interesting and important to our city’s life. For the first time we see moat of the fortress that was once Turkish. We can now clearly identify the line along which it was located, and the whereabout of  the rampart, »- says Tatyana Tikhonova, chief specialist of Kuban Heritage Ltd.

Now archaeologists are cleaning the construction pit for photofixation, as well as to make drawings of cross section and the general plan of excavation's site. When the report is ready, work will continue to construct the «City of Military Glory»stele .

English translation BSN
Adapted from Live Kuban