By 2025 Krasnodar population may reach 2 million people

This information was provided by Vladimir Evlanov, the Krasnodar Mayor, on October 4 at the meeting, devoted to the city development.

According to the Mayor, the projects of comprehensive development of new territories, planned for the next decade, will allow the construction of 33.3 million square meters of dwellings in the city to be used for habitation of 950 thousand people.

In the next 5 years the principal sources for financing of construction of new roads, bridges, traffic interchanges, and social sphere objects of Krasnodar will include the funds of the regional special-purpose program “Metropolitan look for Krasnodar” (approximately 28 billion rubles), the regional road fund (approximately 2 billion rubles a year), the municipal budget, funds attracted under certain federal programs, and private investments.

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