Georgian president and Hungarian PM open new airport in Kutaisi

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have opened the Airport of David Agmasheneshvili in Kutaisi on September 27, Trend reports.

The airport will be a new gate for Western Georgia and one of the cheapest airports, Saakashvili notes. It may become a hub for freighting from Europe to Asia and back.

Georgia and Europe will implement the visa-free regime in 2013. A flight from Tbilisi costs $600 Kiev, but flying to the same destination from Kutaisi costs $100, the Georgian leader goes on. He noted that flights will be made to Minsk, Tel Aviv and other cities.

The airport has seen arrival of the first European air company Wizz Air. It will make flights to Kiev. Georgian Minister for Economy Vera Kobalia used it to visit Ukraine.

Construction of the airport started in November 2011. It will be managed by a French company. BelAvia (Belarus) and S7 (Russia) will make flights to Minsk and Moscow respectively.

Adapted from Vestnik Kavkaza