Firefighters work to contain forest fire in Balıkesir

Firefighting teams from the country's forestry service are attempting to contain a wildfire that has destroyed nearly 250 acres of forestland in the foothills of the Kaz Mountains in the western province of Balıkesir.

Balıkesir Governor Ahmet Turhan is also in the area and is leading the containment efforts as firefighting teams struggle to get the fire under control. A piece of heavy equipment that had been contributing to efforts to bring the fire under control overturned, and several firefighters have suffered from smoke inhalation.

Many local residents and firefighters have been taken to the hospital for treatment. Due to a blustering wind, the fire now threatens to engulf Havran, a district of Balıkesir, as strong winds have fanned the flames near in the area. More than 100 water tenders and over 10 pieces of heavy equipment are being used to tackle the fire.

Some residents of the village of Tepeopba, located in the vicinity of the blaze, have begun to return their to homes as the immediate threat to the village has been alleviated. Dozens of animals have been killed by the fire.

Considering the ongoing threat of the fire, several ambulances and the Prime Ministry's Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) teams are still in the region.

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