Giant polenta cooked outdoors in Cluj – Napoca

A giant polenta was cooked and served to guests in Cluj – Napoca in Romania last week-end, when a team of cooks from the local city hall cooked in the International Open Air Cooking Festival.

The humongous 400-kilo polenta, with cheese and jumari (fried fat scraps), a traditional Transylvanian treat, was made of 50 kilos of corn flower, 60 kilos of cheese and 10 kilos of jumari.

Cluj – Napoca mayor and former Prime Minister Emil Boc also took part in the cooking of the large polenta. He wore an apron and helped mix the polenta with a huge wooden palette, and poured cheese and jumari over it.

The organizers of the event served 2,000 portions of polenta to those attending the contest. City Hall representatives said they want the 400-kilo polenta to be ratified as the national record for the biggest polenta.

Adapted from Romania-insider