Turkish government to assign 40,000 new teachers

The Ministry of Education will announce on September 10 the individuals hired to fill the positions of 40,000 new teachers who will start work on September 11.

An announcement ceremony will be held at a hall in the Ministry of Education headquarters in Ankara, at which Education Minister Ömer Dinçer will say who the new teachers will be and where they will be posted. The positions of the new teachers will be determined through a computer lottery system. The results will be released the same day on the ministry's official website, http://ikgm.meb.gov.tr, and the teachers will begin work on Sept. 11. The new teachers will take part in an orientation program on Sept. 12-16.

The Ministry of Education will assign 4,635 Turkish language teachers, 4,377 pre-school teachers, 3,876 elementary school math teachers, 3,053 guidance counselors, 3,322 science and technology teachers, 3,322 religious culture and morality course teachers, 2,954 English teachers and 2,547 physical education teachers.

Adapted from Worldbulletin