Ukraine to join fight against piracy next year

18:34 06.09.2012

Ukraine has officially confirmed its participation in the Ocean Shield international operation to fight piracy under the direction of NATO near Somalia, director of the FM press service Oleh Voloshyn told a briefing.

According to him, for the operation, Ukraine will allocate frigate «Hetman Sahaidachny» with a ship-based helicopter and a group of Special Forces soldiers on board.

Voloshyn said that at this time, the Defence Ministry and NATO are discussing technical issues on the participation of the Ukrainian side in the Ocean Shield operation.

«The practical participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ocean Shield operation is expected to start in 2013», – Voloshyn said.

According to him, this will be a direct contribution of Ukraine into the international efforts to strengthen security and to protect the Ukrainian sailors and crews working at the international maritime trade routes.