Iran to stage military drill near Turkish border

Iran is preparing for its second military drill in recent months along its border with Turkey, according to Iran's senior defense commanders, who have stated Tehran will deploy missile and electronic warfare systems in northwestern Iran, as reported by the Milliyet daily on September 3.

According to Milliyet's report, Iran will conduct an extensive military drill from Sept. 21-Oct. 21.

«The [Revolutionary] Guards and the military will carry out a drill involving the entire air defense system,» an Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Farzad Ismaili, told Iranian media on Sunday.

The main purpose for the military drill, according to Ismaili, is the protection of the country's nuclear facilities. In addition to the air defense system, bombers and fighter jets will participate in the drill. There will also be unexpected scenarios played out to test the country's crisis management.

Adapted from Today's Zaman