Pensions not to increase, teachers' salaries to grow

According to the government's promises, the social situation will somewhat improve in the new 2014.

Commersant was told at the Ministry of Finance that in accordance with the change in the 2014 budget, from 1 March allowance for IDPs will grow to 45 GEL, while the certified teachers ' salaries will be increased.

Also, in the current year a basic salary of public school teachers are expected to grow  by 70-80 GEL per month ( additional 50 million GEL).

As for the taken steps, Ministry of Finance informs that in order to improve social conditions pensions grew 4 months ago and amounted to 150 GEL.

The Finance Minister says that the 2014 budget remains a priority for social improvement. 

 As the Minister states, pensions increased in April and September of 2013 as well as allowances. In his words, starting from January 2014 allowance for  IDPs will increase and humanitarian aid in the amount of 500 GEL will be issued to the families of the war dead.

"By all accounts 2014 will be better than it was in 2013," he adds.

As it is known , the opposition accuses the government of  inappropriate increase of pensions that indicates that the increase in pensions is not expected in the 2014 budget. The government, however, says that they did not issue any promise in this regard and therefore, they have not broken  the promise.