Georgia very close to NATO - Rasmussen

Georgia is very close to NATO, according the alliance's Secretary General Andres Fogh Rasmussen.

He made a greeting speech at the meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission.

"We have passed a long way after the creation of NATO-Georgia Commission. We are closer to the fulfillment of the pledge that is related to Georgia's membership in NATO. We have formed a solid and strong partnership based on the common values and the program of support to reforms in Georgia," Rasmussen said.

In recent years Georgia has made a great contribution to the security issue and is one of the main contributor countries in the Afghan mission, the secretary general said.

"You have pledged to maintain the security forces in Afghanistan after 2014. You are also included in our program aimed at training Afghan forces, providing them with consultations and assistance. Georgia has also decided to contribute to the NATO Response Force," Rasmussen said.

Additionally, Georgia has done much at the domestic level. Impressive reforms have been conducted in the security sector. Democracy is significantly strong given the free presidential elections in Georgia.

"There is still work to do, but in general Georgia is very close to NATO. The alliance is steadfast in its willingness to support you. We strongly support your sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders," Rasmussen said.

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