Russian market not opened for Georgian nuts so far

Georgian nuts enter the Russian market via other countries – Chairman of Nut Producers and Exporters Association Alexander Motserilia states. In his words, the products enter  the Russian market via Kazakhstan and Belarus. In total five companies carry out export of nuts from Georgia.

However, Motserilia notes that the Georgian nuts are mainly sold in Russian markets, because the producers have requirements for high standards of quality in comparison with the markets. 

"Markets are  more loyal in terms of quality, so the Georgian producers focus on them while  the Georgian nuts enter the European market according to all standards, " - Motserilia says.

He adds  that Russian producers are demanding ISO Certifications from Georgian side, but the Georgian manufacturers focus on markets  where they  sale their products. In his words, Georgian nuts compete with  Turkish on  the Russian market, but the Georgian product also has  its own consumers.

At the same time, Motserilia says  that they will start  negotiations in the near future to give companies a direct access to the Russian market, because Georgian companies have  much higher costs due to the using  a bypass road.

Adapted from Сommersant