State extended a contract for the construction of railway bypassing Tbilisi

According to the press service of the Prime Minister of Georgia, the decision was taken by the Economic Council at the head of government.

"The project started spontaneously without appropriate technical justification, and with the help of the German consulting company MC Mobility Georgian government found that in the case of the implementation of the project in its present form, the  operating expenses of the railroad will increase, throughput and respectively transit capacity will decrease that will cause losses," a statement reads.

The decision to extend the contract was due to the fact that in the opinion of the Economic Council, it is necessary to revise the technical and economic parameters of the bypass road and minimize the possible negative consequences. Therefore, the contractor company should hold additional engineering research of the project, which is already behind schedule by 18 months.

 The contract was extended for 18 months.

Adapted from Сommersant